Helen Wells Multimedia Artist

I am a multimedia artist layering hand drawn animation, film, text, soundscape and performance to create work that has both personal significance and a connection to the society and universe in which we live.

My work often starts with something that disturbs me: my ageing body, experiences of isolation, changing abilities, the earth and the environment.

I love to take that disturbance as a starting point and then read and research, follow what interests me, make drawings and animations, film and slowly let the piece of work emerge. 

Sometimes words come and a performance develops.

Sometimes I work alone and sometimes have great pleasure in working in groups where new and unexpected things emerge and new skills are learnt.

Since 2015 I have been working with Creative Working Lives creating a project each year giving voice to experiences of change in society.



Open University BA Hons First Class


Post Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy University of Hertfordshire

2003-2008 Post graduate Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology

2007 Film Making Cinema City/ Norwich Arts Centre

2015 London Film School Directing Summer School

2019 Directors Masterclass Cinema City Norwich


2019 BLOC LAB residency Lowestoft

2020 Wild Wander with Glass House Dance




Sky and Bones, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich


Coasting, Skippings Gallery, Great Yarmouth


2021          Transitions, Undercroft, Norwich
                   Well of Deep Waters, St. Margarets Church, Norwich
                    After the Storm, St. Stephens Church, Norwich
                    Performance:Too Much To Say Before I Go
                    Garage Theatre, Norwich


Creative Working Lives Reimagine, St. Margarets Church of Art Norwich


Dying Back and New Shoots, Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich


Ecstacy, Lower Green, Norwich


H20 Undercroft Gallery Norwich

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